Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Redecorating Continues...

I was back at work today...I don't know if I mentioned the upstairs hallway is finished and put back together. We painted over the it a fresh, updated look! I brought back a wonderful old wooden file cabinet from the show I went looked great in our newly redecorated hallway! Well, I guess it looked TOO sold! (It's in layaway, so you can still see it...if you want to torture yourself!)

New Girl's Room Update:
Chris brought in the headboard!! It looks SO GREAT! Now, can you say polka dots? Yup...they are done...but we have a privacy curtain up...we want to be further along in our progress of our new room before we let you see no peeking when you see the drape! I hope to continue with stenciling tomorrow!

Baby Room Update:
It should be pulled together shortly...lots of stuff has arrived, I just have to pull it all together! This is so much fun!

Gotta go rest up so I have super sized strength tomorrow...I have a big day ahead of me!

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