Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fourth of July Holiday

Just a reminder...we will be closed July 4th, 5th & enjoy the holiday with our families!! I hope where ever you are celebrating that the weather holds out for your picnics and fireworks displays!!

Don't forget your Fusion Flavors Dip Mix to make that fabulous Pasta Salad for your get together!! We also have the recipe at the store'll be the hit of your picnic!! Have a safe and happy holiday!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girl's Weekend ~ Fun!!!

Are you planning a 'Girl's Getaway Weekend' or even a 'Girl's Night Out'? Well...don't forget your Box Girl's Game!!! Relax on the dock or around the pool with your box of questions and find out all kinds of things you might never have known.

Bond with your girlfriends, with the Girlfriends Box of Questions. If your friends tend to be a bit more might like the Girl's Night box! Whichever box you chose, you'll sure to learn something you didn't know about your girlfriends and make some great memories in the process!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Girlfriends Box of Questions will be donated to the Women's Cancer Research Fund. WCRF is committed to saving lives by raising awareness for millions of women and their families at risk or affected by cancer.

Now how great is that!? Make some lasting memories this Summer...and you'll be giving to a good cause in the process!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Switchflops Are HERE!!!

And they are selling like hotcakes! What's a Switchflop you say? Well, they are a flip flop that you can 'Switch' the straps! The straps Velcro it's so easy to change them to match what you are wearing!! How great is that??? They have tons of options for additional straps. Your problem?? Deciding what straps to buy!!

Just imagine...this fabulous product was developed by a young girl in Florida, as a HIGH SCHOOL PROJECT!!! She perfected them while she was in college...and the rest is history! As they say..."Change your look, not your sole." Keep in mind...they make great gifts...the gals are just loving this idea!!! I'm sure you will too! Check them out soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Ginormous Yard Sale Is On!!!

Mark your calendars...plans are on for the Ginormous Yard Sale. It's going to be held July 26th from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., in the back yard of the store. We have a list of people that are going to participate...and I think we are going to have a great bunch of home decor stuff to sell! I am sure there are going to be some great deals to be had!! I'm also hoping to have some fun stuff going on inside the store too -- so don't miss out on the fun!!!

If you think you might be interested in participating as a seller, contact the store. We are just asking for a minimal amount to cover the advertising costs...our ad has gone into the Country keep a look out for that.

This is the same weekend as the Midland Antique Festival...for those of you that are planning on heading up'll want to check us out on your way there or on your way back! Stay tuned for more details to come as the date approaches!

Let The Punching Begin!

Want to earn FREE stuff? We have started a Rewards Program. Get a punch for every $10.00 you spend before tax. After 30 punches you'll get a $25.00 Gift Certificate! How great is that! It's our way of saying thank you for your continued patronage!

We'll be offering more perks down the road for Program stay tuned...and get started on those punches! (Excludes Uppercase Living Wall Words, discounted merchandise, candy and Candle Club punches).

And The Winner Is....

Christine Z was the winner of the $100.00 Gift Certificate given away at our Summer Gathering...way to go girl! Congrats Christine...and good luck in your new job! You are on a winning streak...hope it keeps up! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tom Smith...What A Good Sport!

A group of us were sitting around during the Summer Gathering ...someone mentioned the Blow Up Jumpy thing that Rent Rite had inflated...someone made a funny remark about who was going to be first to go mind you...there weren't ANY children in the vicinity!

So I throw out...the first person to go inside will get a $10.00 Gift Certificate. Well, Tom Smith of "Real Men Come Inside" fame, nonchalantly said, "I'll do it." WHAT A GREAT SPORT!!!

Look closely at the first picture, I had trouble getting a good one...but he's in there jumping around! And, that's him in the picture on the right, after his bouncing adventure. Between you and me, I am dying to know if he was sore the next day! I know I would be...I am SURE that would have pulled some muscles and jammed some body parts that aren't used to that kind of abuse...I mean activity ...HA!
But he's a good sport, and yes, his lovely wife, Kathy gladly spent the gift certificate!
For those of you wondering...yes, this is the SAME Tom Smith that is quoted on the sign outside the store, "Real Men Come Inside." :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Summer Gathering

I have to apologize...I have been so busy trying to catch up since the event...and then I had a Surprise Retirement Party for my hubby this past I have neglected things here. But it's now time to get back to business!

Back to the Summer Gathering..we had a blast! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures once things got underway, but I'll be changing the slide show in the left sidebar..there are some great pictures of our decorations and the few pics, like 2 or 3, I took once things got off the ground.

The weather held off for us...and actually got quite nice! We gave away lots of goodies and gift certificates! Like the Lt. Moses Rooster Lamp to Deb & Dan Majchrzak, who sunk a hole in one at the Putting Game! That's the lovely couple in the picture!

And, in spite of having to have the power turned off TWICE! What are the chances of that!! A transformer just up the road blew and they had to fix it...but the Consumers Energy guys were so sweet and worked quickly so it wouldn't be off long each just added some fun to our event....hehehe.
I have to say, we could never have pulled off this event without our neighbors, Rent Rite! They allowed us to use ANYTHING they had for rent for this party! Now how great a company is that! For anyone who hasn't been inside their would be amazed at all the party gear they have to rent! Check them out next time you come to the store...they are a great group of people!
Look for my next post...about a very loving husband...and the lengths he won't go to for his sweet wife...and no, I'm not talking about my own husband. :)