Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Summer Gathering

I have to apologize...I have been so busy trying to catch up since the event...and then I had a Surprise Retirement Party for my hubby this past I have neglected things here. But it's now time to get back to business!

Back to the Summer Gathering..we had a blast! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures once things got underway, but I'll be changing the slide show in the left sidebar..there are some great pictures of our decorations and the few pics, like 2 or 3, I took once things got off the ground.

The weather held off for us...and actually got quite nice! We gave away lots of goodies and gift certificates! Like the Lt. Moses Rooster Lamp to Deb & Dan Majchrzak, who sunk a hole in one at the Putting Game! That's the lovely couple in the picture!

And, in spite of having to have the power turned off TWICE! What are the chances of that!! A transformer just up the road blew and they had to fix it...but the Consumers Energy guys were so sweet and worked quickly so it wouldn't be off long each just added some fun to our event....hehehe.
I have to say, we could never have pulled off this event without our neighbors, Rent Rite! They allowed us to use ANYTHING they had for rent for this party! Now how great a company is that! For anyone who hasn't been inside their would be amazed at all the party gear they have to rent! Check them out next time you come to the store...they are a great group of people!
Look for my next post...about a very loving husband...and the lengths he won't go to for his sweet wife...and no, I'm not talking about my own husband. :)

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