Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baekgaard Ltd. Promotion!!

What are we thinking!!! Well...let's just say we want to give a little something back...and that makes YOU the WINNER!!

We are having a great promo with Baekgaard Ltd.!! Receive a FREE Clamshell Pouch (shown on the right) with ANY $30.00 Baekgaard Purchase! Hurry in for best selection of colors!

For those of you not familiar with the line, Baekgaard Ltd. is a fabulous leather purse and accessory line unmatched in the industry in style and pricing!

We have a wonderful selection to choose from...stop by soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

I came to make a post and was shocked to see I haven't posted since February 26!!! Where does the time go, I ask again?? I guess we have been busier around the store than I thought!

So just what have we been up to?? Well, in preparation of redecorating the Front Parlor, a whole slew of things seemed to pop up before we can even attempt that project. :) So I painted the old candle room/sale room/NEW candle room to give it a fresh look before we moved the big cupboards back into it to house the candles.

I moved my office into the wonderfully bright and cheerful side porch, so we could move the sale room into where my office was. And then we moved the merchandise that was in the side porch to the cupboard where the candles were. Whoa...are you confused yet??? (My head is spinning).

And we are in the process of putting a new floor in the entry porch and so I decided maybe that needed to be freshly painted...and so we did that this past Sunday. We still have some touching up to do...but it will come together shortly. :)

Then we will probably close off the ORIGINAL room/reason all this we can strip the wallpaper and work on it's transformation.

We'd love to have you stop by and see just what we have been up to...and I would love your thoughts on what you think we should do to the Front Parlor?? Does anyone have any ideas for colors that you find intriguing ? I am open to ideas and suggestions!

Oh yeah...we received a big order of pictures with wonderful sentiments on them in many sizes...some great new baby items...and our Hammock Chairs arrived! (Another reason I decided to paint the entry porch ;) )

My advice for the winter doldrums?? Decorating projects...they make time fly by!! :)'s Spring already!!