Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trollbeads Spring Intro Alert!!!

The beads that were backordered from the Spring Introductions have arrived...and are they beauties!!! Wait until you see the depth of the Antique Flower Bead...and the Mosaic Beads are in a league of their own! You'll want to stop in soon to check 'em out!! The only bead we are still missing is the Moon Ocean Bead....

See you soon!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cabin Fever!!!

I am suffering from a bad case of Cabin Fever! Our winter just keeps going and I have decided to busy myself so I won't think about the weather and how I want it to be nice. We are starting to make some changes around here...moving stuff from the Parlor to the upstairs kitchen to make room for all the clearance merchandise that has been crammed into the room just off the checkout area because that is going to be the first room to get a bit of a face lift.

So pardon our mess when you come in...from great messes...come great things right?? This is just the start in shifting a few rooms stay tuned, we think you'll like what we have planned.....................enjoy the sunshine and remember it's less than a month until the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

More new stuff arrived last week...stop in soon!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Polka Dots AND Rubber Ducks?!?!?

Just another lil something that came in recently! :)

Now...what a great idea!! Be the hit of the Baby Shower!! Who wouldn't want a Polka Dotted Rubber Ducky! Now I say that is bringing the Rubber Duck into the New Millenium! ;) He comes in Lime Green, Hot Pink & Blue and comes packaged with the washcloths...AND we also got in some hooded towels that coordinate! Waaahlaaah! Instant Fab gift! ;)

How cute are those?! See you soon...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What fun!!! We LOVE new stuff!

Well...the fruits of my labors at Market are starting to pay off! Shipments have been arriving daily, and as promised...I'll run down a few of the things here...just to wet your appetite!

We have a new line of pictures from Kelly Rae Roberts, a few of them are pictured on the left...they are wonderful. We hung them a week ago and they're flying! A customer who was trying to decide which one's she wanted (and you can splurge on more than one -- because they are priced from 10.95 to 19.95) said, "I haven't been so excited about something in such a long time!" Thanks for that Colleen! We wholeheartedly agree! :)

The hottest craze right now are 'Conversation Starter Games', and we have added the Tabletopics line to our mix...they come in an acrylic cube and look nice enough to keep out on the table! These 'games' are so much fun...they get you talking about things you probably would never ever talk about...and you learn so much about people, your might even learn something about yourself! ;)

Start a family tradition! I am SO excited about the Hidden Cupcake! This is a wonderfully bright ceramic cupcake that has a removable lid to hide surprises in for special occasions or just because! These would make a great gift for anyone...but I think this would be a fabulous Baby Shower gift! It'll be the hit of the shower!

Hellooo...'Peace Signs' galore!! I'm not sure if you've noticed the reappearance of the Peace Sign? Well, it's celebrating it's 50th Anniversary! We have just received some great new Peace Sign merchandise... scarves, purses, key chains, bracelets & necklaces...and how about a belt with a rhinestone encrusted Peace Sign belt buckle? Oh yeah...LOVE IT!
Okay...that's all for now...we have lots of other great goodies...but I'll have to leave those for another time! Stop in soon and check them out for yourself!