Monday, June 16, 2008

Tom Smith...What A Good Sport!

A group of us were sitting around during the Summer Gathering ...someone mentioned the Blow Up Jumpy thing that Rent Rite had inflated...someone made a funny remark about who was going to be first to go mind you...there weren't ANY children in the vicinity!

So I throw out...the first person to go inside will get a $10.00 Gift Certificate. Well, Tom Smith of "Real Men Come Inside" fame, nonchalantly said, "I'll do it." WHAT A GREAT SPORT!!!

Look closely at the first picture, I had trouble getting a good one...but he's in there jumping around! And, that's him in the picture on the right, after his bouncing adventure. Between you and me, I am dying to know if he was sore the next day! I know I would be...I am SURE that would have pulled some muscles and jammed some body parts that aren't used to that kind of abuse...I mean activity ...HA!
But he's a good sport, and yes, his lovely wife, Kathy gladly spent the gift certificate!
For those of you wondering...yes, this is the SAME Tom Smith that is quoted on the sign outside the store, "Real Men Come Inside." :)

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