Friday, July 18, 2008

Truly an Honor...

Like most people, I LOVE to win stuff!! Look what fellow Shopkeepers and fabulous friends did for me! They honored me with this wonderful Blog Award!! WOW! PJ & Liz...I can't thank you enough! When you get a chance visit their Blogs, they are so great! Pam's is and Liz's is . Now I have to get busy trying to figure out who to pass it on to..there are so many great blogs out there!

Without any thought...I know I HAVE to pass this on to my dear friend and fellow shopkeeper, Jen from Just Country in Raeford, NC. She's my pal and I just love her prim blog...check it out when you get a chance, you'll NOT be disappointed... . Now...I have to get busy thinking...I know a lot of my fav's have already been it might take me a bit...but stay tuned...

Have a wonderful weekend...whatever you are up to!!


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