Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks to ALL Who Attended the Yard Sale!

We had a wonderful turnout!! However...I still have some goodies on sale!! We are continuing the 80% OFF the Clearance Room, I want to move it ALL out!! And I will also keep adding to the 50% Off Table on the Porch!!

Stop in and check out the deals...I'm sure they won't last long! Homespun Fabrics and Stencils are now 50% OFF! I am closing out Wood Wick Candles and Tyler Candles, so they are 50% OFF...and we also have some great items from our Tween Room at 50% OFF! Some great ideas to pick up and put away for Christmas presents!

I need to make room for all the great stuff that will be arriving!!! So you're the WINNER!! It can't get much better than that! Can it??

See you soon!

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