Sunday, July 13, 2008

Naughty Nuts!!

Yes sirree...we've got the Naughty Nuts! They come in Nekked which are a smaller lightly salted nut, Flamin' which is a little bit spicy...but not put out the fire spicy - they're just perfect and then the Sweet & Sultry, which is chocolate covered peanut brittle! Oh yeah...they are wonderful tasting...and make great gifts too because the label is so much fun!

But BEWARE!!! You just might be tempted to keep them for yourself!! Do you know someone a little naughty??? Or are you feeling a little naughty yourself??? Whatever the need some Naughty Nuts!! ;)


Antique or Not said...

...and now you've been nominated for an award!

Go to my blog and you will see the Blog Award in my sidebar that I am passing to you. Just copy the logo and display on your site and pass onto 7 more deserving bloggers. You must post their links on your blog if you pass the award to them.



Liz said...

Oops....Stacy your blog is so good, that I awarded you as well!!!!

AT HOME with Simply Country said...

Pam & Liz!
Thanks so much!! That is SO sweet!! Now I have to get busy and figure out who I am going to pass it along too...but I bet you pretty much have a lot them covered...dang both of you! :) Love you guys!