Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm So Excited I Could Burst!!!

I just had to share was supposed to be a be unveiled at our BIG Event on May 30th...(more details on the event will be coming in the next day or so.) But I can't keep this under wraps!!

We have ME! Bath! coming in! Me! Bath! you say...what's that! Well, see those ice cream cones on the Oprah cover? They are actually bath bombs!! They call them Bath Ice Cream!! How cool are those?!? And we're going to have them!

Because they are based in LA, they are favorites of lots of celeb's...and we are going to have them right here in little 'ol Saginaw! Wait until you see them in person!!

We all need to pamper ourselves more...and what a great and fun way to do it!! They'll be unveiled at the BIG EVENT!! Stay tuned for that!

Have a wonderful day! And as Me! Bath! says..."We all need to take more time for ME!"

I'm all for that!

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