Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've Been Bad....

I have to apologize, I have so much going on that I have been remiss on posting here on the Blog.

We are knee deep in the new plans for the redo of our next room...and in over our heads trying to get all of this wonderful inventory into a computer program!

I have a feeling that Summer 2009, for going to be a blur...but we have great faith that everything will be organized and on track by our fabulous Grand Re-Opening in September! Don't worry...we are NOT shutting down at all...but we are planning a wonderful party for the end of September to unveil our new room...and to celebrate our name change! So stay tuned for that! You don't want to miss out on the fun we have planned!

So with that I'll leave you...but keep a lookout for our new signs....change is a coming!

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lindy said...

Hey there... ! Exciting Exciting Exciting!!! Keep me posted on the September date... I'll come in for it! Is there anything I can do to help... (aside from sending you positive vibes?)