Friday, June 26, 2009

Imprintable Invitations !

These are the latest rage!  I was introduced to them last year while I was on vacation.  I was so taken with them I bought some for my husband’s surprise retirement party…and they set the1-1412 Elegant Outdoors theme for the party!

You print them on your own computer.  We have a sample invitation of each style to show  you what you can do with it.  There are invitations for EVERY occasion imaginable, from birthdays for all ages, teen parties, family parties, showers, backyard or pool parties…1-1765-Party Placesettingto name a few.

Express your creativity!  You’ll get a look at these and you’ll be planning a party you didn't even know you wanted to have!  Y1-1819-Springs Greenou will!  We are just starting to get them in …so check them out.

Impress your friends and family!  They’ll think you had them professionally printed!  That can be our little secret!  They are easy to do…they really are! Stacy Signature

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