Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well...Vacation is Over...

Hey All!

I'm back...we had a wonderful time in Florida and the girls held down the fort wonderfully while I was away!! I've only downloaded a few pics from the trip so I'll post a few of those until I get the rest downloaded from my camera. Though, you won't find any of me on the beach...I wonder why? hehehe

The darling girl is my niece/goddaughter, Karli in her Easter dress. Mom and I got to spend a few days alone with her before THE PARENTS came and spoiled everything. She turned 3 in January and we love her to pieces-- and don't get to see her nearly enough!
I also posted a pic of her with her parents...my little brother, Jeff ( I say that tongue in cheek as he's 6'3") and his wife Karen, they live outside of Atlanta and are our halfway stop on our way down to Bonita Springs...I have to be nice to them because they give me free room and board when I head down to the Atlanta Market. Gotta love that!! We all had a great time...but it's never long enough.
I hope you all got the chance to escape the harsh winter we had this year...WOWWIE! It was a doosey!! But I think we can say it's over? Maybe I'll just whisper that last sentiment...you never know...we ARE in Michigan!
Toodles, Stacy


Homespun Cottage said...

Welcome back and I love your new look...good job!!!

Jen said...

Hey Stacy, your blog looks great, and you look like your brother....or does he look like you?

Liz said...

I love it! Especially the polka dots on the sides....who doesn't love polka dots!? They are so much fun!