Saturday, November 10, 2007

Helping Out Those Less Fortunate This Holiday Season

Hey All!

My employees and I last year started a tradition of donating the money we would spend on an exchange gift at our Christmas Party to buy dinner and gifts for a family, less fortunate. We chose a family from the United Way's Wish Book and spent our Christmas Party wrapping the presents for 2 unsuspecting girls and their grandmother. We all decided it was the best Christmas Party we've ever had!!

So I had this brilliant idea!! I would spend my evenings making these paper ornaments and we would have an 'Ornament Campaign' and offer them to our customers for a donation of $2.00 (or more if you are feeling particularly generous!) Your name will go on the ornament and they will hang in the store. We are hoping through your generosity and our own donations we'll be able to sponsor more than one family this year.

So help us out if you an ornament and help us bring some holiday cheer to as many people as we can!! It's just our little way of giving back to our community!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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