Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's about that time of the weekend that you are sitting back with your feet up...the Thanksgiving leftovers are OVER and your feet are recovering from all the ground you've covered these last few days. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...and shopped off all those extra calories from the Pumpkin Pie you couldn't resist!

Now it's time to get serious about getting the house decorated for Christmas and getting your recipes together for baking...I LOVE baking!! Does anyone have a great cookie or appetizer recipe that is a must have during the holidays? If so, email it to me, I am always looking for new recipes...and it just might make it into our newsletter!

For those of you who work outside the's time to get some rest -- by going back to work. And those who stay at home...time to send everyone off so you can get your well deserved rest also!!

Well...I'm off to start carting up some boxes of decorations....but REMEMBER, SEND ME YOUR HOLIDAY RECIPES!!

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