Monday, November 9, 2009

Deer Widow’s Weekend!

Okay gals, the guys go hunting and leave us home with the checkbook…what’s a girl to do??  Well…let me think, ah… let’s say for….ahhh…

You’ll want to join us for our…

 “Bag Your Buck” Event on Saturday, November 14th!!  The

Stacy O’s Doe’s will be sporting their antlers…who says they’re just for the boys!  Let us show you how the girls can have their own FUN!

Leave your gun home, you won’t need it for this kind of hunting!  Our Wine-A-Rita’s and yummy treats are all the ammo you’ll need when you come out to…

Bag your Own Buck at Stacy O’s, by hunting up one of the reinDEER lurking about inside the store (you heard me right…IN the store…so no need for any of that bulky camo garb!  Grab your shopping shoes and get ready for some fun…OUR reindeer will be sporting fun prizes!! Who says the guys should have all the fun! 

We’ll be gettin’ our Antlers on…Saturday, November 14th!!  We  hope you can join us for the fun!

Stacy Sig Trans


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