Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s all falling into place…

The furniture arrived today!!001  This is what it looked like out the front door of the store  --  I couldn’t fit all the boxes in the picture! 

Ten NEW pieces arrived for the BIG REVEAL!  They are all jam-packed into the “new” room.  We can’t do anything with them until Friday…when we will be closed to pull it all together!!! 

We are giddy with excitement for The BIG REVEAL…this has been a long time coming!!!

So remember, we’ll be CLOSED on Friday, September 25th for our final preparations.  We’ll see you Saturday, September 26th!!  I’ll post a bit later about all the fun things we have planned for you!  Including a BIG SALE on Younger Furniture and Dash & Albert Rugs!

Stay tuned…………………

Stacy Sig Trans


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