Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Family Wedding…of sorts…

015 Last Saturday we went to a wedding.  Vickie, who has been a valued part of the store for years, (sure seems as though it’s been from the beginning!)  But that is because she was a customer almost from the beginning…and she would come shopping with her two youngest kids when they were young.  013

Well, this year,  her two youngest children were married…in fact they were married within months of each other.  Imagine that as parents! 

But Saturday was her daughter’s day….and she made the most beautiful bride. It is so hard to believe this is the little girl who used to come shopping with her mother so many yea016rs ago.

Congrats to you both, Sara & Devin…this is a new chapter in your life…go forth and make wonderful memories!  If the wedding is any indication…you will have a fabulous life together!

Best Wishes!

Stacy Sig Trans

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