Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charlie Brown Trees!

Yupper...we have them...we are cleaning house...and we are selling all sorts of Charlie Brown Trees that we have used throughout the years! Any tree, any size...most have lights on them too...for $50.00...they go as tall as 7.5 feet! What a deal!

They are all in great condition...so don't delay...you can add these to any room in your house! And they are so easy to decorate!

Keep a lookout for our upcoming weekend sale! Stop back by the end of the week to see what we have up our sleeve!

Merry Christmas!

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Merrie. said...

Hi Stacy; do you have any left? I would sure run over there this weekend if you do... hope I'm not too late I have been looking so long for some! They are so expensive! Thanks; you can email me if you can at wheretheblackbirdssing@gmail.com ; I try to stop by when I am in town! I love your store. Merrie