Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello Trollbeads!!

Hello All!

THEY'RE HERE!!! Oh my!! And are they awesome!!! I am going to have to watch myself...I could be my own best customer!! lol!! Wait until you see what the Trollbead line has to offer! There are so many great beads!! Their Murano Glass Beads are unmatched in the industry!! Prepare to be amazed!! And you can get so creative with their necklaces!!

If you are a current Trollbead Collector, wait until you see the new introductions! Don't despair...if you sport a bracelet from another company...there are some beads that will fit your existing bracelet! Better yet, start a Trollbead Bracelet and ALL of your current beads will fit on it!

Trollbeads allow you to express your individuality!! How fun is that? You can just let your imagination run wild...and you will never see your bracelet or necklace on another person!! Stop in soon and see what I'm talking about!
Enjoy your Sunday...we'll be open again on Sunday's after Labor Day Weekend. :)

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